A profile of recovery success…in her own words

I suffered from HIV/AIDS and diabetes when I entered RAP, Inc. in 1998 for treatment for heroin addiction. There I not only received treatment for my addiction, but also medical care for my health challenges. Because of the excellent care I received and the new lifestyle I learned and continue to practice, my diabetes is under control and my T-cell count is at a healthy level.

I have two adult daughters and they give me great kudos. They have endured my addiction and now they are so proud of me. My mom also is very proud. She is a jewel. I live next door to her; she is my best friend. My family has been an inspiration.

Following treatment, I wanted to stay connected to RAP because the organization had helped me turn my life around. Also, I wanted to give back and to try to help someone else. I applied for a job, received entry level training as a monitor, and continued to learn and grow on the job.

When I was given the opportunity to further my education, I jumped at it and graduated in 2003 with a Master’s degree in Human Services. I’m now a Senior Counselor at RAP. No one could give me the things I hoped to achieve. All that work had to come from me. This is my life, my choice and my chance to shine.

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